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From Nettech to CISCO Systems   - by Lester Pinto, 25th April 2012
From Nettech to CISCO Systems Frankly when I started my Engineering course, I didn't actually have a favourite subject or wasn't particularly interested in any topic academically. And then one day in my 2nd year Swapan Sir came to my College and gave us a 10 min lecture on Networking during an afternoon class. The enthusiasm with which he gave the talk to us was the main thing that I had noticed.

We all used to play CS or DOTA in our hostels on the LAN. And many a times that involved putting in IP addresses into our Laptops and using a Hub. Had no clue which ones to use or how the mask the mattered. So I decided with a couple of other friends of mine to attend the summer camp Nettech had. That was one reason and the other one was because it was going to be held in Sikkim. Due to some unforseen circumstances the camp did end up getting shifted to Allahabad but those were the best 25 days of my life.

Learnt so many things about how Networking is the single most important thing I used to work in my day to day life without even noticing it. That workshop got me hooked and later when Swapan Sir asked me to join his team as a trainer I gladly accepted. Best decision ever made and I am here today because of that.

Just sat for 2 companies in my campus placements and got into both. Juniper and the company I currently work for, Cisco. Didn't study for anything other than what I had in my time at Nettech. Nettech is the sole reason I am here in Cisco. Got my basics so strong that I could answer anything the interviewer asked me. And it still helps in my day to day job in Customer Advocacy.

Itís really simple to get into any company like Cisco when you have had a strong training in all things NETWORKING, as provided by Nettech. The best part about Nettech is that, it is not all classroom lectures and mugging up stuff. Itís the importance Nettech gives to Labs and hands-on training, that and Swapan Sirs passion when he talks about Networking as a whole. Itís infectious!

You might be thinking it was just me who got through? No sir. I know atleast 6 other people who are in the same Organisation as I am in Cisco all of whom did the Nettech course at Allahabad and joined Cisco at the same time as I did. And recently I met another friend of mine from Allahabad who also did Nettechís course and is working for Cisco from Gurgaon.

I made some great friends while I was at Nettech who are still a part of my life. And I am forever indebted to Nettech for helping me realise my potential.

Thanks Nettech! Thanks Swapan Sir!

Lester Pinto
Engineer - Technical Services
Cisco Systems

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