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Life at Nettech !!    - by Arpita Sarraf, HIT Haldia, 18th April 2012
Life at Nettech Nettech- It's a Place where you get to learn not only concepts but also how to manage yourself in the tough and hectic schedule, punctuality , sincerity toward job and most important getting the feeling of one being an engineer.

Talking about the classes taken- it became interesting with Swapan sir's continuous humour and at the same time one cannot dare to do anything else than listening to his commands.

The thing that I liked the most was the teaching style. Striving to put concepts in everyone's head. And best part forcing students to troubleshoot their problem.

Toughest part was "10 min 10 marks tests- you either get 10 or 0" and being on top for three days and then going from blue to green. Series of Practical test started and the series of getting "ARYABHATTA (Swapan sir's word for those getting 0's)" continued.

There also came the situation where I was at the verge of crossing green to enter into the red zone. Losing all hope I had just wished to complete the course.

With All that was running in my mind was now I have to manage to be in green at least as coming to blue was a long way ahead.

If someone asks wasn't it frustrating then I would reply him/her that "indeed it was". But in the middle of our course a boy from our batch left and sir in the class said "if someone is getting frustrated then let me tell you boss it is going to be even more harder than it is now. Anyone wishing to leave can leave, but you know there is no fun(sir's language "MAZZA") in giving up. At least don't leave striving till the end. At the end of the day at least you should be able to say yes I have learnt something".

Then I was like is it so...

Then there came two practical test in which no one secured 10, except me. Sir congratulated and I gained confidence that I can also manage. It was like maybe I can also do it. Finally at the end of the course I was able to secure my place in the blue zone.

Undoubtedly one cannot take the course lightly but yes if one pays full attention to each and everything said or done during classes one would not require to pay much extra effort to be in the good position.

Each and everything said or done during class hours we always had something to learn and understand and if one is able to understand those basics, the subject becomes much easy to learn and score.

For one to understand the things better, the only thing that needs to be done is to Follow the instructions sincerely along with the answer for the question that "what are we doing and why are we doing ". This is the thing which can help one to understand the subject better and hence score in Nettech.

Sir always says "Nettech is not a course for college topper". At last I would like to share that of all the training that I had undergone it was the toughest and the best. Because something that you achieve after diligently striving for, you value that much more than something that you get easily. It really feels good when you are awarded for your labour.

And if you are a student of Nettech you can't avoid this "labour".

Arpita Sarraf
3rd Year, CSE
Haldia Institute of Technology, Haldia

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