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My Summer Training with Nettech - Ujjwal Deep

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My Summer Training with Nettech   - by Ujjwal Deep, 20th June 2013
My Summer Training with Nettech Hello I am Ujjwal Deep, have completed my summer training program on Web Development with Nettech under the Guidance of Swapan sir.

Nettech is such a wonderful company which has given me a huge knowledge about web designing and everything related to PHP. Swapan sir's really a star, now that the classes are over, I miss his teachings. Coz Swapan sir's not only a great teacher, he's a great trainer and a good friend as well.

His teaching style is really great; never saw anyone giving so much effort the way that Swapan sir used to take the effort to teach us. He was always punctual, on the very first day of training he told us whosoever comes late to the class will have to give him a BOURNVILLE chocolate and if he comes late into class then he will give us a big treat in Mayfair Hotel's restaurant to all the student of our class. In this process he has taught us to respect time. I remember our class timing was from 10:00 AM and Swapan sir always reached 9:45 AM in class. One day he was suffering from fever and the time was 9:55 AM everyone thought today sir definitely will be late for class and so he will have to give us a treat at Mayfair, Well !!! He proved us wrong and he came to the class exactly at 9:58AM. 2 mins before from class time, I told him sir we all thought today you'll be late and we will go to Mayfair, I was shocked also to see that sir was suffering from fever I told sir, "you are suffering from fever why you came in class today", sir replied I am always on Time and the whole class did salute to sir.
Really sir you Rock!!!

I am glad that I got to work with Swapan sir, he not only gave us knowledge on the topics of Web Development, he also arranged interactive sessions with former Nettech students who are well placed in the Industry to meet with us and it helped us to know about how the work goes on in these companies, and what they looking for, and got an insight on how to survive in the Professional world.

Now talking about the Course I can't imagine what I learnt in those 15 days program, I think I didn't learn that much in my last two semesters of College, he always kept us on our toes, be ever ready for anything that would come up.

After this 15 days summer training program I can say I know a lot about PHP and I have made a project in this 15 days program you can see it on this website and also see its homepage which is

Lastly I want to say Swapan sir you came in our life as a Bright star and made us also a Bright star.

Thank you.

Ujjwal Deep
Student, SCA, KIIT University

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