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Perfect Platform to start with Networking   - by Surya Prakash, 28th April 2012
Nettech - Perfect Platform to start with Networking I did my NETTECH course in the month of July 2011 at XIMB, Bhubaneswar. I was in third year and we were given summer training holidays, I was not sure about which training course to join for networking as I knew about the style most of them follow and I didnít wanted to waste my money and time in summer training. I came to know about NETTECH from our senior and he advised me NETTECH if I am really looking something to learn. 22 days of training at NETTECH were unbelievable.

"SERVICE NOTE BOOK STOP, SERVICE EXAM START", the everyday 10 minute exams are perfect to tell you where we stand and what mistakes we can do when in pressure!. The timer starts, you get a question, you know you have to do it right, you did it right just in time, but what happens if you wrote satyam in place of saytam?. A simple spelling mistake which you never thought of, or missed some sequence of steps will give you "0" makes us learn that there is either all correct or itís all wrong in networking.

I have had classes at different coaching classes but Swapan sir teaching style is no comparison with others. From the first day of class you canít ignore his style !. I never got bored in any of the topics, and the best part is, you get very interesting examples to learn with. We were told to make folders named "aalo", "kachra", which made learning fun!.

Learning is FUN is what I observed here, We get some surprising questions (Chocolate question) to solve, challenge to complete, and the one who solves question first gets a CHOCOLATE!!, believe me the questions are not easy to solve without digging for solution and once you solve, you not only learn something new but you achieve a chocolate in class! (Itís awesome feeling to achieve chocolates).

Every day you get to learn something, actually not something but a lot of new things, which will make you think to experiment with at the end of the day. Before Nettech class I always had a doubt about setting up the servers whether it be mail server or web server or ftp server or configuring different domains under one IP address. I didnít even knew about SAMBA server, and was always afraid to install LINUX in our System (which I guarantee most of students have), but NETTECH Classes taught me even more than this.

NETTECH classes will teach everything essential even more that we must know to start with our career in networking, right from the basic IP ADDRESS to SAMBA SERVER with CONFIGURING MAIL SERVER to Hacking classes.

One of the also best part about NETTECH class was doubt clearing, SWAPAN SIR will make sure everyone gets clear before moving to next topic no matter how many times you repeat the same doubt until he says "Dabba hai sab!!" or "maaaaaa tujhe salammm!!", you have any type of doubt, just speak out and it will be clarified.

If you want to be a topper (in top 5) you definitely need to work hard as its either "0" or full score. At the end of the course we get Nettech certificate which is really awesome feeling, and awesomeness doubles if you are in top five! I had an awesome experience and great learning at NETTECH.

Surya Prakash
Final semester, Kiit University
Intern, Accenture

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