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Nettech - The Dawn of a Networking Career

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Nettech - The Dawn of a Networking Career   - by Sirshak Das, 23rd April 2012
Nettech - The Dawn of a Networking Career Well, Nettech has been one the most important things that has ever happened to me in my life. I say life because not only has it taught me about networking but also how to study for anything in life.

I once overheard my friend saying this to Santu Sir when he was in our college, "Nettech ne humme sirf padhna nahi sikhaya but ye sikhaya ki padha kaise jata ".

True, Very True!!!!!!!

I gave the heading, Nettech - The Dawn of a Networking Career, because Nettech does not just teach networking, it introduces you to the fabulous world of networking and network security.

When I did it back in my first year I had zero knowledge in networking. When I joined, I was not so sure because I had all these 3rd and 4th year guys around with tons of knowledge more than me but once the program started I never thought for a second that I was a 1st year chap among these 3rd years, at least Swapan sir and the Nettech team did not make me feel that way.

Guys then after my course with Nettech, I did my CCNA followed by CCNA-Security and am currently pursuing CCNP Security and placed in Verizon, all this because of the wonderful kick start that Nettech gave me through their Network Management course. And they teach you more than quarter of CCNA packed with half of RHCE.

Now before I finish off my blog post it will be incomplete without mentioning about the Nettech team.

Nettech is all because of this team with members like Swapan Sir, Santu Sir, Swapna Madam. I have been provided with the opportunity of being a part of this team more for than once and it has been a privilege working with one of the most intelligent guys that I have ever known.

Swapan Sir is an inspiration of a man and you look up to him in every aspect of life. Santu Sir, he has been a mentor and a great teacher to me and more like an elder brother who no matter what, always has my back and Swapna Madam, she is one of the most caring people whom I have ever met. Nettech allowed me to meet some great minds like Vineet Sir, Sagar Sir and Ashish Sir, some truly inspirational people.

THANK YOU, Nettech for making my Life what it is today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sirshak Das
BE(Comp Sc),CCNA-Security,CCNA
Birla Institute of Technology,Mesra

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