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The Nettech journey - From student to trainer to professional

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Nettech journey - student to trainer to professional   - by Srijon Sil, 24th Jan 2013
Wrack your brains till it drains MY journey with Nettech began when I had just completed my 2nd year in engineering and enrolled for Nettech's summer networking course in SMIT, Sikkim. And in those 20 odd days, I learnt more about Linux and networking than I had in my entire engineering career.

It's not that the syllabus is huge and complex and covers A to Z of all aspects of networking. The difference between Nettech and other courses is it strengthens your basic concepts, ignites the spark, the interest to learn and then leaves everything on the student to build on it. Instead of the traditional mugging up and giving tests technique, Nettech believes in practical implementation of the knowledge gathered by simulating live projects with time deadlines, task delegations, team building etc. Add to that, the perks of adventure sports and sightseeing trips.

After completing 4th year, I joined the winter Web Development course of Nettech and was surprised by the amount I had learnt about PHP and MySQL in just 20 days. After the course, Swapan sir asked me to join his team as a trainer and I gladly accepted. Swapan sir's passion for anything, be it networking, web development or adventure is quite infectious.

To cut it short, if you want to learn a lot of new things and have a lot of fun in the process, join Nettech. It will give you a taste of how live projects are in corporate life and transform you into a confident professional before you know it.

Srijon Sil
Assistant Systems Engineer, TCS.

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