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Nettech Journey Start to End

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Nettech Journey   - by Shivani GV, 9th May 2012
Nettech Journey I joined Nettech in the month of June (2011) in BITS Goa. How many of us actually think about “FOCUS” when it's an awesome place like Goa :) But believe me those days will never come back for me. When I actually joined the batch I did think I knew atleast the basics of networking but the test speaks of everything :) The morning breakfasts with friends to reach the lab on time, the timer which decides whether we are on time or not, the sleepy faces of the students of all years (1st,2nd,3rd,4th) I still remember all of them.

Coming to classes and tests. I never saw students being so tensed. Every morning tests would be conducted and terror ran through our veins. Lol. It was fun to learn when Swapan Sir made it easy to remember, memorize things like port number (IMAP sir) I can never forget this. He is the best teacher for networking I have come across. Making a cable was my long desire for a long time. I never understood how the colored strings went together to get connected. Sunayana ma'm was the one who taught us that and it was an awesome experience overall. I used to browse daily through the result webpage with a hope to make it to top 10 lol. That was an awesome feeling though to be among the green, blue students. That's how the classification was done. It always kept up the pace of competition.

The trips to the Goa beaches, the parties, the bus journey, the clicking of pics was never ending :)

Finally the result day, a sense of satisfaction ran through me for getting trained at Nettech the best ever place to get trained for networking. The certificate distribution was followed by a photo session and then we had to bid a good bye. That was the moment I realized the importance of being a part of the course conducted by Nettech. All thanks to Swapan Sir, Sunayana Ma'm and the Nettech team for giving us an awesome taste and experience of being with you.

Shivani GV
Vellore Institute of Technology
Currently Intern at MoveableCode, inc.

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