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Networking as a career option

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Networking as a career option   - by Swapan Purkait, 16th April, 2014
Networking as a career option If computers are what keeps you connected with the rest of the world, then network engineers are the people who keep your computers connected. Long time back, one of my networking student jokingly said, "We are nothing but a glorified plumber". It was a joke, but once you consider the kind of job we do, he was not completely wrong.

A plumber installs and repairs water supply lines at your home so that you can get water whenever you open the tap. Similarly we install and maintain all those cables (sometimes wireless), switches, routers and servers, which connects you to your favourite website for example - If we don't work, you will not be able to get those cricket match updates in your mobile handset or will not be able to tweet your relationship status.

In a single line - we network engineers design, set up, test, secure and maintain local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), intranets, Internets and other data communications systems.

You must be thinking, connecting two computers to make a network is not a rocket science, anybody can do that, infact you make a network to play counter strike or NFS every night. So how can one have a career on the same.

Computer networking, is slightly more than connecting few computers to play game. Have you ever wondered, why the Internet speed is very slow in your hostel room, but super duper fast in your college computer lab, or why some sites don't open at all in your college hostel (I am sure, you know which are the sites I am referring too), but the same can be opened from a cyber cafe or using a Internet dongle provided by the mobile service providers. For a network engineer, it's a routine job. You can easily blame us, for restricting those good-good sites in your college network, or limiting your download speed. Let me tell you a secret, being a network engineer in any company, college or in any institution, we get the incentive to access or visit any website we want, with unlimited download quota. One thing is for sure all network engineers are tech-savvy, they may not be the best coding guy around but they are respected and regarded as a problem solver.

Rising demand
It's one of the IT positions where finding a right candidate is tough a job, and that generates strong demand. Companies around the world are seeking network engineers who can manage their increasingly complicated and advanced technology. If you are wondering what is the complication - please think about providing Internet service to the passengers inside a airplane which is flying above 36000 feet, hope you are getting an idea.

Interested in becoming a network engineer? Here's a broad list of qualifications:
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or electronics/electrical engineering
  • In-depth knowledge of networking hardware and software
  • Two or more years of experience in areas such as network design and implementation, LAN/WAN interfacing, security, Internet protocols and TCP/IP, and server and network infrastructure
  • Professional certification such as RHCE, CCNA, CCNP
  • Aside from technical skills, the ability to communicate with non-technical people is essential
How Nettech can help.
If you join any of our Nettech programs, don't worry we will not bombard you with theories. We don't deny that theories are important, one needs to know the theory to understand things, why it works, and how it works. We start from very basics, such as IP addressing, how to connect to computers and all that, from there we will take you to more advanced level where you get to handle four servers and secure them. During your stay with us, we will allow you to go through the theory component at your own space in your leisure time. We put 100% focus on practical. It's a complete do-it-yourself approach, you need to try of your own to understand what it is. Round the clock lab and Nettech support staff will help you to do all your experiment on your own. At Nettech, if we mention a topic, be rest assured we will show you the same practically

During the program, you will be divided into a group of 6 students, who will be handling an independent computer network consisting of two to four Linux servers and windows workstations. You will be responsible to build, manage and secure the same network. You will be provided with the required hardware such as router, switch, wireless access points and network cables (please note you will be asked to make your own LAN cable during the program). In addition to that, we will also give each one of you, one year web hosting space (free of cost) with individual C-panel access to practice whatever you learn during your training with us.

Remember demands on IT are increasing, there is no doubt that the people, who service IT demands will have a prosperous career, and if you are interested in making a career on Networking join us for a Nettech course this summer.

Dr. Swapan Purkait
Nettech Private Limited

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