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Summer Training at IIT Kharagpur with Nettech

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Summer Training at IIT Kharagpur   - by Swapan Purkait, 22nd March, 2014
Summer Training at IIT Kharagpur Nettech will conduct a 18 day Summer Training Program on Computer Network Management at Vinod Gupta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur from 22nd May to 8th June 2014.

Being an IIT Kharagpur alumni myself, I can give you 100 + reason, why you should take this opportunity to come to IIT Kharagpur this summer. But that will be a long list .. let me keep it short for you .. I will give you 7 reasons why you should take this golden opportunity.

1# IIT Kharagpur Certificate !!
First and foremost; It is the IIT Kharagpur certificate. There can not be any doubt that this certificate is going to add immense value to your existing CV. You can always attend a training program any where else, but doing it at IIT Kharagpur, the oldest IIT in the country will give you the edge over the others. I can promise you, your 18 days stay in IIT Kharagpur will be some of the best days of your life. If you don't belive me ask any of the old Nettech stduents, who have been there and seen it.

2# Do it yourself approach!!
If you are coming for the program, don't worry we will not bombard you with theories. We don't deny that theories are important, one need to know the theory to understand things, why it works, and how it works. During your stay with us, we will allow you to go through the theory component at your own space in your leisure time. We put 100% focus on practical. It's complete do it yourself approach, you need to try of your own to understand what it is. Round the clock lab and Nettech support staff will help you to do all your experiment of your own. At Nettech, if we mention a topic, be assured we will show you the same practically.

3# Best of the Best Infrastructure!!
If you are aware, at Nettech, we don't have any infrastructure of our own (only one address for Demand draft collection and communication). That's the only reason we associate with some of the Premier Institutions in India. With our unique association with some of the best education brand in India, in this case IIT Kharagpur, we are able to provide state-of-the-art labs for the training programme.

4# Faculty members!!
At Nettech we bring you the best of two worlds, Academics as well Industry. With our unique association with IIT Kharagpur we get access to the faculty pool, and will be able to provide some of the best faculty to you during the program at IIT Kharagpur

5# Our Grouping system!!
At Nettech we emphasize on team work. Students are asked to work in a group of six/eight members. No two students of the same college will be in the same group. There are group tests; the group gets 10 or 0, resulting all members getting 10 or 0. Our Binary marking system encourages students to come together and work as a single unit. At Nettech we are looking for a team who will unite against all odds and succeed not only in our course but in their future professional life.

6# T10 - Our Testing system!!
Its either you pass or you fail no fifty-fifty. We take pride on our testing system, it's the backbone of Nettech.  T10 - is Ten minutes - 10 marks. We have trained more than 13,000 engineering students till date. Not a single student has ever asked us to stop the system. T10 - is all practical, in the lab, students will be given a practical problem, which they need to solve in 10 minutes. The best part there will be a 10 minute count down timer running on the LCD projector which will always create that extra pressure that you are racing against time. Think about the group test - 10 minutes - six students - one problem - 10 marks - and a count down timer, one need to be there to feel the excitement. Yes, we know its tough, it's a stiff climb, but ask those students who have completed their task in less than 10 minutes, they will tell you - its worth the pressure. If you think you know it all, you are a brilliant trouble shooter, we will say come, take a T10 test, you will know where you stand.

7# Transparent Grading & feedback process!!
If you have given a test this morning, the result will be out by the evening or latest by next day morning. And it will be out on the Internet, where each and every student can see their as well as others marks. We encourage students with different grade colours. TOP 10 will be in blue colour, so you will always know, who to catch for that crucial tips. Then there will be colours like green, red and black. Don't get scared its for your benefit only. We have seen students who have come from red to BLUE and topped the batch. And yes there is this extra certificate for your extra effort, we will give and extra certificate to the top 10 students saying that they are the top ten out of a batch of 200 students. So get ready for a tough competition.

With us - Its 'YOU' who is important, without you the program cannot be successful, that's the only reason we have a continuous feedback process. We try to adapt the pace of the program depending upon your feedback. You will be requested to give your feedback on a regular basis, formally - informally, on the class or off the class.

Hope the above information will help you to make up your mind.

We look forward to meet you this summer.

Dr. Swapan Purkait
Nettech Private Limited

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