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The Next-Gen Networking Arena – Nettech   - by Rahul Panigrahi, 26th April 2012
The Next-Gen Networking Arena – Nettech Honestly guys, how many of you actually join college with a pre-decided idea of what you want to learn and what you wanna do in the next coming years of your life??? No one, I suppose. Me??? Apart from having fun and chilling out, I had no clue whatsoever about what I was actually interested in.

So, when some of my friends asked me if I was willing to attend some Nettech course in Goa, I was like, “Sure!! Why not?? After all its Goa”. Little did I know, that this particular course would play such a major role in giving an entirely new direction to all my technical interests.

Why Nettech??? This question has sooooo many answers. Unlimited knowledge sharing along with phod masti, Grueling lab sessions along with scuba diving, torturing T10 tests along with Goa darshan, and a lot many factors. Nettech actually makes you a master in the Networking Arena. Not to forget, soo many other things you get to learn here. No one can teach you better than this. Actually, its not about the teaching either, but its all about the tense, tough, and pressure environments they offer you, which, believe me, helps a lot in real-life scenarios.

I attended the course in my first year of college, and haven’t stopped ever since. Some things in life can never be forgotten, those 20 days at Nettech will be one of them for me. The second most memorable experience was when I was invited by Swapan sir in my 3rd year of college, to relive those 20 days again, at Goa, but as a Faculty member. One of the best experiences EVER!!

It is because of Nettech, that today, I actually am capable of giving workshops and seminars on Network Security to more than 200 students at a time. It is because of Nettech, that a company rejected me for a Network Tester position, saying that I was over-qualified for the job ( I still don’t know if they were serious or joking!! ). Nettech nurtures you into a full-grown Networking professional, well-equipped with skills to face most of your real-life Networking problems, not to forget, the Fun portions of Hacking and Network Security.

Finally , this post would be incomplete without mentioning the key members who actually made Nettech, a roller-coaster ride full of adventures. Swapan Sir, with his legendary punch lines – “Gaadha… Sab gaadha hai..” , “ Bhagwan…. Uthaalo mujhe…” , “Jai Ho” and many more. The perfect management by Sunayana Maam, Lots of masti with Sanjeev Sir, fultooo dance and aish with Ashish Sir and Lester sir and the always silent and calm Amit Sir. You guys actually make these 20 days, a lifetime memory, which can never be forgotten.

A very special thanks to Nettech, especially Swapan Sir, for such an unforgettable and amazing experience.

Rahul Panigrahi,
Final Semester, VIT UNIVERSITY,
Intern, Mckinsey and Company.

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