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This Summer see you in Goa !!

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This summer, see you in GOA !!    - by Team Nettech, 30th March 2012
Life at Nettech You are relaxing on the sands of Goa, enjoying the breeze and waters brushing your feet, beguiled and content with your life.

While back in your room, someone from the USA is clicking pics from your webcam, accessing your hard-disk, changing your passwords and emptying your credit cards. Or better still, your Android, BADA, Symbian or iOS is sending your EXACT location to that guy even while you are reading this.

This is the power of hacking. And if you wish, this will soon be the power of YOU so that you can stop such things to happen to YOU!!! If you end up being at this programme, after the 15 days' sessions, your mind will be begging you to stop, but your curiosity will not let you to, you will be left wanting for more, targeting unscalable depths of hacking.

Why do you need this? Well simple, this world is no more a safe place to be in. One loophole meant a thousand vulnerabilties. And a thousand vulnerabilties means another thousand loopholes. Once you know how a hacker works, you know how to secure your own self from the hacker's virtual claws.

Welcome to the world of Hard-Core Hacking, a full 15 day venture of your life, which I promise you would never forget in your entire lifetime, where you will be taken on a drive to Ethical Hacking and Network Management. And by the end, to pack it up, you all will hack it up and take up a project on the stuff you learnt during the programme.

Life at Nettech The prerequisites are NIL. You need to know nothing to be eligible to sit in the programme. We will begin with the basics of LINUX OS and Networking and swept towards the world of WebSite Hacking and System Hacking, moving towards the most advanced OS made BY THE HACKERS AND FOR THE HACKERS, The BackTrack Operating System!

Know what? You will be playing from Novice to Hardcore in just 15 days.

Program Highlights:
  • Live Demonstration of Latest Hacking Techniques & Tools along with insight into the real world Network Management.
  • Hands-on practice with live servers to practice the Hacking Counter Measures.
  • Binary Pirates :: Live Hacking Contest for the participants, winner of which get's a merit certificate and goodies!
  • Understanding the Linux operating system right from the very basics to a pro in just a fortnight.
  • Understand computer networking in-depth starting right from the installation of linux and creating your own LAN wire to understanding complete concepts of user and file system management in linux, Routing, FTP, DNS, DHCP, Samba, NFS, Apache, SMTP configurations !
  • After a complete overview of linux, dive into BackTrack, the most advanced OS for the Hackers and understand tools like Metasploit Framework, Armitage, Social Engineering Toolkit, Aircrack-ng, Nmap, Ophcrack, Ettercap, WireShark --- all this in depth and see for yourself how in the real world penetration testing is done.
  • Complete a full project of your own by the end of the program.
  • Regular T-10 ( 10 minute 10 marks tests )
  • Demonstration of the various cyber crime investigation cases giving you the idea about how in the real world, UNethical hacking is done, and more importantly, how the UNethical hackers are caught by the cyber crime branches across the globe.
  • Certificate in Network Management & Ethical Hacking, to each participant of the programme. :: Certificate will be awarded by Nettech (an ISO 9001:2008 Company)
  • Top 10 students of the programme get special merit certificate along with goodies from Nettech.
  • Group visits to GOA beaches + GOA sightseeing (which includes visiting oldest lighthouse in Asia + visiting the Old Goa Churches)
And the whole package comes to you just @ 7000 INR per head.

You get to explore a parallel universe which you thought never existed. Be ready to go paranoid about everything, doubt everything, that is how you avoid getting hacked. Plus, after we hack, we jump into the mood of Goa, with parties and beaches and scuba diving and paragliding and water scooters and treats and prizes. You do not want to miss this. You definitely don't.

Our Motto of the Programme ::

If you do not leave here more paranoid than when you came in, we have not done our job

You will be so enthralled, trust me, you will say, Gotta Hack them All.. See you in GOA, very soon :)

The Program is on first-come-first serve basis with limited seats for the centre.
For more details please visit

- Swapan Purkait, Team Nettech

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