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My Experience with Nettech

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My Experience with Nettech   - by Souryendu Das, 6th February 2015
My Experience with Nettech Hello everyone, I am Souryendu Das a 3rd year undergraduate student in EEE from BITS PILANI GOA CAMPUS. The fact that I am an EEE student and am writing my experience with Nettech itself speaks leaps and bounds of this company. I have done two programs with them, one in networking and the other in web development and both of these program experiences under guidance of Swapan Sir would always be some of my most cherished moments of life.

Nettech is in itself a brand name and is doing wonderful job in field of information security consultancy and also teaching the subject of network security to aspiring students all over the country. Personally Swapan sir who is the head at Nettech is a person with a lot of humour, but yet immaculate in his teachings, concepts and examples.

Sir, is a wonderful teacher and never misses a single class, and follows an interesting policy of making the students bring him a Bourneville whenever they come late to class, and he always says jovially that "one doesn't buy a Bourneville, but one earns it." Punctuality and respect are two traits which he has always taught to students like us irrespective of our backgrounds. Personally speaking I have also never been late to his class, which is indeed an achievement. When it comes to commitment no one beats swapan sir. I remember when the network management course was held in Goa, sir had gone to scuba diving one fine day and wasn't well next day, but he still came to class before time, and that shows what exactly is professionalism and how committed he is to his cause and principles.

Now coming to the course work which I guess all of you would be so wanting to listen that how is Nettech different from others?

The answer to that question is simplicity, no spoon feeding and serving everything to you in one platter. During our network management course, we used to form networks of 3 to 4 and network our laptops with each other, which is exactly how real life LAN, WIFI and similar kinds of networks work. It is thus 15 days of complete hands on session, which is indeed fun and very much educative. One's knowledge about the field deepens and the interest to explore more into the field comes automatically. They also offer live projects one of them being netmin, which you can work on and gain experience.

Now, while talking about the web development course, one basic thing which comes is that web development any random institute also teaches, so what's so special here? Web development here is not like giving codes, writing codes, programs running and then happy and go home. Its more about they explain you the snippets, and what you are developing is then up to you. Which basically means that the grey matter is put more into work in Nettech's web development course than other similar courses elsewhere. Added Advantage is that students get web hosting space for practice, which is unique to this company.

I also made a website of my own, and am currently working on making a game on it, and it would go live in few weeks.

Thus the experience is great here, and is a must for newbies who have fresh and inquisitive minds, and for the quest of knowledge, Nettech is the first stop.

Souryendu Das
3rd Year, EEE

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