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Nettech T10 Lab Test

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T10 Lab Test (Ten Mins 10 Marks)   - by Team Nettech, 15th May 2012

T10 Lab test

T10 is Ten Minutes 10 Marks test. This video is taken during Nettech in-campus on Computer Network Management at IIIT Bhubaneswar (May 2012). The Rules of T10 are very simple, one problem and 10 mins time, complete the task in 10 mins get 10 marks or 0. You need to be 100% correct to get 10 marks, any single error any spelling mistake, you get 0.

Forgot to add, there is this 10 mins count down timer running in a big LCD screen infornt of you :). As we always say our testing system defines us. If you think you have the ability to trouble shoot on 10 mins time - come take a T10 test. :)

Note **

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On your VLC player go to Media >> Open Network Stream >> Network Protocol >> Enter a Network URL

You can use the following url directly in the VLC player or download the video file in your pc and view.

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