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Nettech Networking Course Materials

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Compulsory pre-study for all participants.
You are requested to download and study the following course materials before coming to the Program.
Sr. Documents Name Sr. Documents Name
1 Net Basics 2 Operating System
3 Basic Linux Commands 4 Routing Basics
5 Basic DOS Commands 6 Linux - Unix Concept

Class reference materials for all participants.
You are requested to download the following course materials & keep it with you for ready reference during the Program. For any clarification on the course material please email to swapan[at]
Sr. Documents Name Sr. Documents Name
1 Networking Overview 2 DNS-DHCP-SNMP
3 Net Security 4 OS & Linux
5 Unix Processes 6 Networking with Linux
7 Berkeley Sockets 8 DNS & DHCP
9 File Systems 10 Firewall & iptables
11 Internet Services 12 Computer Communications
13 Local Area Networks 14 Network Applications
15 Introduction to Networking 16 Network Linux Security
17 Network Management 18 Introduction to UNIX
19 IP Addressing 20 Proxy NAT Firewall
21 Pipes 22 Network Security
23 IPV 4 assignments 24 Important web sites
25 Request for Comments 26 Reference Books
27 Well-known Port nos.    

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