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Please click on the 'Start Test' tab to start the 10 mins timer.
Try to complete the test within the stipulated time.

Individual Lab Test | Time -10 Mins | Marks -10

  • Create 11 players for the Indian Cricket Team : sachin, sourav, dravid, yuvraj, dhoni, rohit, irfan, zaheer, harbhajan, rpsingh, kumble
  • Create 5 groups as india, bat, ball, all and wk.
  • Add all the users as the primary group members to 'india'.
  • Add all batsmen to the 'bat' group as the secondary member, similarly add all bowlers to 'ball' group, all-rounders to 'all' and wicket keeper to 'wk'.
  • All user should be able to login of their own.
  • Nothing extra nothing less is allowed.

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