Students' Feedback | What they had to stay

Dharm Skandh JainBITS Pilani, Goa

Based on my experiences in various other workshops, I see Nettech completely different, as a course class rather than a workshop of 2-3 days where all you learn is how to get the job done and some technical terms rather than the crux of subject at hand. Over a period of 2 weeks, the dedication of Nettech team is portrayed through their conduct, and the extra hours they provide to the students for doubts, for make up classes and fast updates on regular tests. Having extra classes till late night, evaluating 150 answer scripts, then again a fresh session the next day, speaks for their hard work and inspires us to do the same. It seems more like a workshop of 120 hours instead of quoted 60 hours time on the site, going by what they give to us. No wonder this workshop attracts 100+ students every year since 2006 in our campus. Thank you Swapan sir, to make us learn rather than just teaching us.

Priya IMED, Pune

The Networking Management course at IIT Kharagpur is one of the most cherished moment of my life and always will be. During the course I learned so much both on educational and personal front. The course helped me to know my own potential. Everything that was done by the teachers there was for our own benefit including the torturous time-table we had. Teachers, especially Swapan Sir, were very helpful. They made sure that everyone masters what was taught. The Z batch classes were so intriguing. The problems discussed there really made our grey cells work. The concept of 10 mins - 10 marks was the thing I liked most, and they made sure that no one cheats. Exams everywhere should be taken like this only, so that one can know exactly where he/she stands. The thing that I learned from the course was that "The person, who doesn't hope to WIN, is already LOST".

Nitesh SoodBITS Pilani, Goa

NETTECH is one of the best workshops held in our campus. Irrespective of the branch, the knowledge a student gains by attending this workshop is priceless. The kind of experience with Swapan sir, a genius, is excellent. Any student with a zero knowledge in this field is required to attend this workshop since it sets a benchmark about networking, network management, Linux, etc. You tend to be in some different world for those 15 days of the workshop where your mind is set to think being professional and tricky to do those 10 minutes quizzes and move from rank 100 to top 10 in just 2 tests. The lecture theatre doesn't seem to be the same one where we generally doze off because of the boring college lecture going on. It is such a workshop where in such a meagre amount, you get to learn so much (that includes techy stuff as well as knowing such a determined personality like Sir) which can be easily be applied practically in life.

Narendran T

BITS Pilani, Goa

Few people have the ability to make you listen to them for hours without losing interest - Dr. Swapan is undoubtedly one of them. I was fortunate to attend his Nettech (networking training) lectures at BITS Pilani Goa Campus. He makes complex concepts easy to understand with relatable real life examples. All the sessions were hands-on and thus gave deeper insight. He is very approachable - I will miss the late night doubt clearing sessions we had in the Night Canteen. He is a great teacher and its always a pleasure to listen to him.

Deepanjana DebSMIT, Sikkim

It's an awesome course. I did the Network Management Course in our campus last September. Was fully aware of the work culture of the Nettech Team. Honestly speaking I have got more than what I expected. I never thought I could see someone's password, could alter someone's email, it was really exciting. About the Adventure sports, I still cant believe what I did, coming down from a 8th storied building with a rope, I know my parents will not believe, but I have a front page photo in a local daily to show them. Icing on the cake was the Helicopter ride, never thought NETTECH will actually take all the toppers. I am really thankful to Nettech for it, really worth all those extra hours of study.

Souryendu DasBITS Pilani, Goa

Nettech was one of the most wonderful 15-20 days of my engineering life. different than your normal college courses, more enthusiasm, activity and learning. Even people with no networking knowledge can take up this course if they want to pursue networking. Personally I was a nobody in networking, but after taking this training cum course, it changed my viewpoint and life completely and helped me to pursue this subject further. It is also beneficial for people wanting to have a career in network management or any related domain. Personally I ended up in Ericsson R&D.

Shubham KeserwaniBITS Pilani, Goa

Nettech workshop has been a great asset for me as a student at this level. I have learned a lot about subnet masking, protocols, routing and much much more things. I now have a clear understanding how network functions. Personally I am very impressed with the quality of teaching provided to us. The 15 days workshop has taught me as many things that I myself may not be able to do in complete semester time. Thanks to Dr. Swapan Purkait sir and his staff for regularly conducting classes without skipping a single topic from his pre-structured plan. In short "these were the best classes I had till now".

Shubh VachherBITS Pilani, Goa

Nettech has been an amazing experience! It has taught me ideas and concepts that I use on an everyday basis. I now better understand the world around me, full of networks and subnets and ip addresses! I would highly recommend every student who is offered this opportunity to quickly grab it up and learn something as useful as this under Swapan sir!

Pooja ConsulBITS Pilani, Goa

Attending Nettech was a great experience. It taught various networking related concepts in an interesting way, Combined with lot of practical application. I would recommend this workshop for all.

Sanket GupteBITS Pilani, Goa

Nettech was a great experience that introduced me to the basic concepts of networking. This knowledge helped me to get started with IoT, which enabled me to get an internship right after my first year. I would recommend every fresher to attend this course.

Prashant Mishra MNNIT, Allahabad

Joining Nettech Network Management course has been one of the most important decisions of my academic carrier. The knowledge that I gained in the short span of 25 days cant be replaced . The methods of teaching adopted are beyond praise. The best of them are the short 10 mins practical tests that not only help develop quick thinking but also deep understanding of the topics. Binary pirates is yet another achievement that make you think like a hacker. Nettech actually taught me to take my work as play and enjoy it. Apart from the curriculum the trips on Sunday's were refreshing and full of enjoyment. In short Nettech is the perfect utilization of time where in we work and play all at the same time.

Purnima KapoorUCER, Allahabad

NETTECH redefines the meaning of classroom teaching. The student-teacher interaction is incredible. The stay at IIT campus was memorable. NETTECH helps fulfills one's dream of studying at IIT (it did that to me). All teachers are well versed with their subjects and none of them possess any ego. Throughout the program the teachers as well as resources were readily available 24x7. Swapan sir is a great manager. He delivers his best in the class and expects the same from his students. He's a sincere and a dedicated teacher.25 days of grueling studies mixed with occasional fun made my stay really worthwhile. One actually learns to manage time well and to work and perform well under pressure specially those 10 min 10 marks test that are trademark of NETTECH. The course helped me to metamorphosis into an individual that i'd thought never existed who was so much better than the original. Thank You for helping me a tiny bit to make me what I am today. Thank You for making a difference in my life.

Chandra SekharIIIT, Allahabad

Even Though I had keen and passionate interest towards networking and hacking right from the start, I didn't had a chance to learn the Subject, coz Networking is practical. One of my seniors Amruth Kumar Juturu (Topper, IIT- Kanpur 2007 program) advised me to join Nettech, and that's when I came to know about it. Believe the course is worth it! If you are passionate about Networking/Hacking, it's a right place for you start. You miss it, you regret it! Aaaah, Goa was fabulous, apart from the course, the banana ride.. the water scooter... the Santamonica.. but what I enjoyed most is Paragliding. The course completed in no time. The staff.. were all highly supportive and always encourage R&D. I still remember when I got "0" in my lab tests.. which were too good. The lab and theory tests are highly qualitative. So, if u ever get a chance.. don't miss it guys.. its passion+fun !!

Thomas DominicSVNIT, Surat

Learning is a process of the holistic development of an individual, and after my course in Nettech, I would say with complete satisfaction & happiness that Nettech has succeeded and that too beautifully. I say this from the experience of myself and all of my 43 friends. Team Nettech succeeded in turning a bunch of lazy college students into punctual, interested students. They were successful in igniting in each and every student the spirit to learn Networking & learn it well. For all those extra hours of classes, a memorable snow fall at Nathula Pass & all those rapids on wild Teesta river my heartiest thanks to Team Nettech.

Ushashi ChakrabortyFuture, Kolkata

Being a final year student, I was still not very competent in networking. I knew the subject theoretically but wanted to know it practically too. I did the program because I believed NETTECH would provide me with that experience. I got much more than what I expected. It was an extremely enriching experience. I not only learnt a lot about the subject but also learnt to overcome my fear of heights because of the Mountaineering workshop.

Vignesh T PrabhuNIT, Durgapur

I whole heartedly thank Nettech for organizing such a wonderful course, which is not only includes intense networking but also adventure and thrill. For the first time in my engineering life, I wanted to study and gain knowledge. The teachers were wonderful. They were so friendly that I never hesitated to ask any doubt. Everything was well planned and organized. The trip to Nathula & river rafting were very good and thrilling. The group system was really good, we had all types of people in our group. It was a life time experience to work in a group like that. I will never forget the "10-minutes - 10-marks test", there was this continuous urge to perform better. I would request team Nettech to keep the same testing standard, it brings the best out of an individual.

Vishal SharmaSRM University, Chennai

I got to know about the Nettech program from my batch mate, they did the program in last winter at Sikkim. I got a very strong recommendation from them. As I was interested in Networking I too did the Nettech - Network Management Course this winter. Program was of 15 days, these 15 days were memorable with lots of studies and lot of fun & masti. Most memorable was "10 minutes & 10 marks" (the famous T10) - trust me one will stop breathing when the count down timer reaches last 10 seconds, one really needs to be there to feel the pressure, its awesome. When you earn those ten marks, you know what it means. We use to start at 9 in the morning and ended well past 8 in the evening. In 15 days we came to know how Linux works and how we can handle a network. Not only studies we were taught to manage time, with networking I also learnt that "Time is Precious". With Nettech if the class is at 9am, you should be seated by 8.59am - at 9 with you or without you they will start.

Supriya RaiUCER, Allahabad

Attending the Network Management Course this winter in our college organized by the Nettech group proved very beneficial for us, the students of UCER. It not only aroused our interest in networking but also helped us adopt an attitude where we pursue our studies more enthusiastically. It was enriching experience for us where we not only got a chance of gaining knowledge about networking and ethical hacking but also enjoyed ourselves by interacting with all our teachers and seniors as well. Our classes used to be full of energy and the ambience was that of learning with everyone eagerly waiting to grasp what is being taught. We are really very thankful for Swapan Sir and the Nettech team for visiting our college and won't be able to forget the days when we attended the course.

Saket VermaBIT Mesra, Ranchi

My Stint with Nettech Lasted two summer vacations, both at the prestigious institution called XLRI Jamshedpur. One was as a student and the other was as a Technical Team member in the Nettech Faculty. From the day Mr. Swapan came to our Institute and briefed us on the Training, i was sure it would be a great learning experience at the seat of learning. Linux and Networking was not taught as a subject there. We were trained technically with great emphasis on learning to learn new things in a professional manner."24X7" labs managed by an efficient team of individuals who were ready to listen to your concerns right from 'unlocking your locked hostel doors' to fixing your 'Apache server'. One had ample time to experiment with Linux and learn new concepts of networking and at same time interact with Faculty and Other course mates. To most engineers at Nettech LINUX was just an operating system that was supposed to be tough and used by geeks till we actually explored it and realized how wrong we were. It was actually easy if you could remember a few steps. Overall the training was a great learning experience dotted with loads of fun. Currently working with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Shalem RajuIIIT, Allahabad

Before coming here, Networking for me was only a course subject. I had no idea what and how this really happened synchronously , after I had clicked on the Internet Explorer. My real intention to come here was to have a lot of fun. But the faculty here instilled a great competitive spirit among the students. They never actually taught us how to do, but they taught us what to do to get something done. They taught us the meaning of responsibility, dedication & discipline. I can only say I just had some of the best days of my life with NETTECH. - Thanks to Team Nettech !!

Abhishek DubeyDCE, Delhi

This December when my exam got over, I was looking forward to a good networking course. In search of that I went to APTECH, NIIT & also consulted their respective students but no one was satisfied with these Institutes. Then one day my friend AMAN told me about Nettech & strongly recommended me to join this course. After completing these program, I was overwhelmed with the context of the course. Earlier I didn't know anything about Linux & networking & thought that the Windows are the best to use. But now things have rapidly changed & I love working in Linux. Best part about Nettech is one needn't have any prior knowledge of computers or networks, one can be as lame as knowing just the monitor, mouse & keyboard - from here Nettech will take over. I strongly recommend people to join Nettech, but if you are coming, come mentally prepared for hard work. Adventure sports are just for team building - one will feel the heat when the surprise test starts from day TWO. One will never know what to expect - individual test or group test or an online test - Team Nettech will be ready to grill you.

Rajiv BerliaJU, Kolkata

Enjoyed doing the program, liked the interactions with the teachers. Increased my knowledge about the network security. Its completely practical approach, do it yourself first & then analyze. I got the overview, now I need to work hard, today I understand thing, how they happen, why they happen. Looking forward to have a career in the network security field. In NETTECH life is not only study. We woke up 5 in the morning, went to bed well after midnight, but never felt tired. Study, River Rafting, Nathula, Mountaineering & not to forget all those late night movies life is completely different. Hats-off to the NETTECH Team.

Alka SinghRGU, Itanagar

My main purpose to attend this networking course was just to get certificate from a training company. But after joining this course, I realized that I have got much more than just a certificate. It was truly a learning experience, may it be in the filed of computer science or 'the social' field. I learnt how to work in a group together, understanding others problems and clearing their doubts. Applying something to our day-to-day life is the best way to learn something and NETTECH through lots of practical has done the same. Not to forget, the adventure that we have been exposed to. It was simply breathtaking, never thought I would be able to do stuffs like river rafting and mountaineering in my life.

Sourav Kumar GhoshHIT, Haldia

Its been a great experience at Nettech, completing a Web-Development course of 15 days at BIT Kolkata. Developing a website on my own has always been a dream for me as many of you guys may have, and Nettech made my dream come true!!...All the teachers, staff members, Swapan Sir himself have been very helpful and friendly and they made sure nobody is left with any doubts on the subject. Excellent Lab facilities were provided to us. We had several tests conducted on each topic taught on the previous day and truly speaking they were taken quite seriously. Apart from all these studies, they took us to a short but wonderful Kolkata city trip so that we are refreshed and energized to work even harder from the next day. A short message to all:- Just to get a certificate on Web-Development, you may do it anywhere, But if you want to learn Web-Development in detail along with a certificate, Nettech is a much better option.